Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Access Email With Body Movement

Did you remember with Gmail Motion ? new technology developed by Google
to access e-mail with body movements.
Such technology was not something impossible. In the future, people may indeed be able to manage e-mail with body movement as more advanced sensors that are received by the computer. This has been proven by researchers at the University of Southern California, USA.

Evan Suma, a post-doctoral researcher program of MXR laboratory, the Institute of Creative Technologies, has been testing try. In the video uploaded on YouTube, he explains how these technologies work.

He called it SLOOW or short for Optimizing Software Libraries Obligatory permanent waving. To connect the hand motion commands to access e-mail in Gmail, Microsoft Kinect Evan uses sensors that were previously designed as a complementary gaming console Xbox 360.

Amazing Evan can give the command to open an e-mail, write your e-mail, and send it just by hand movements.
Motion sensor technology provided Kinect indeed open new development opportunities on the operation of computer-based gestures.

Previously, the team at MXR lab also uses similar technology to developFAAST (Flexible and Articulated Skeleton Action Toolkit) in December 2010 for playing games War of Warcraft.

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